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Download Democrito by A cura di Roberto Radice PDF

By A cura di Roberto Radice

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14 14 Two bowl fragments found in excavations at Sippar bear an inscription indicating they were dedicated by Rimui as booty of Elam. Two stone bowl fragments found in excavations at Khafajah bear a dedicatory inscription of Rimui. CATALOGUE CATALOGUE Museum number Ex. Registration number Dimensions Object 1 BM 42367 81-7-1,127 2 BM 91020 (= BM 12162) 82-7-14, 1014 Banded calcite vase frgm. Banded calcite vase frgm. 8 5 7 c CPn Ex. Excavation number 1 2 Kh I1 94 Kh I1 381 Khafajah provenance K 45-2, top layer K 45, Oval I11 Object Alabaster bowl frgm.

XV no. 41 (ex. 1, frgm. 2, copy, edition); pls. V-VII (ex. 1, frgms. 1-2, photo) 1929 Barton, RISA pp. 12&27 Rimush 12 (ex. 3, edition) 1961 Gelb, MAD 22p. 196 Rimui Late Copies no. I (exs. 1, 34, study) 1963 Hirsch, AfO 20 pp. 12-13,6668 Rimui b 11 (exs. 1-2, edition) 1980 Michalowski, JCS 32 pp. 237-38 and 243 (ex. 3, edition; ex. 3, frgm. 2, copy) 1990 Gelb and Kienast, Konigsinschriften pp. 213-15 and pls. VI, IX-X, XVI, XIX-XX Rimui C 8 (exs. 1-2, photo, edition); p. 144 (ex. 1, copy) 37-42) By the gods samaH and Ilaba I swear that (these) are not falsehoods, (but) are indeed true.

B 73-78) By the gods SarnaH and Ilaba I swear that (these) are not falsehoods, (but) are indeed true. 79-86) At the time of this battle he fashioned a statue of himself and dedicated it to the god Enlil for his well-being. 87-97) As for the one who removes this inscription, may the gods Enlil and SamaH tear out his foundations and destroy his progeny. Colophon 1 1-2) Written on the socle, above, in front of him. Curse Formula 98-109) As for anyone who removes the name of RimuH, king of the world, and puts his own name on the statue of RimuH and s[ay]s, '(This is) my statue', 11&124) may the god Enlil, owner of this statue, and the god SamaH, tear out his foundations and destroy his progeny.

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