Download Dictionary of Banking and Finance: Over 9,000 terms clearly by Jane Russell PDF

Download Dictionary of Banking and Finance: Over 9,000 terms clearly by Jane Russell PDF

By Jane Russell

This variation offers complete assurance of the phrases utilized in banking and finance, starting from own financial institution debts to foreign funds markets. it truly is aimed toward execs operating in or concerned with banking and finance, and for college kids, even if learning A-Levels, measure or specialist skills in banking and finance.Contians over 9000 entries supplying transparent, updated assurance of all features of banking and finance, the e-book additionally contains encyclopedic reviews on banking and fiscal perform, increasing on advanced phrases corresponding to "poison drugs" and "bills of exchange", and detailed supplementations on cash, currencies, overseas banks and inventory exchanges."

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US same as banknote bank book / b ŋk bυk/ noun a book, given by a bank, which shows money which you deposit or withdraw from your savings account (also called a ‘passbook’) bank borrowing /b ŋk bɒrəυŋ/ noun money borrowed from a bank ć The new factory was financed by bank borrowing. ) 29 banker’s reference bank charter /b ŋk tʃɑ tə/ noun an official government document allowing the establishment of a bank bank cheque / b ŋk tʃek/ noun a bank’s own cheque, drawn on itself and signed by a bank official bank clerk / b ŋk klɑ k/ noun a person who works in a bank, but is not a manager bank credit / b ŋk kredt/ noun loans or overdrafts from a bank to a customer bank deposits /b ŋk d pɒztz/ plural noun all money placed in banks by private or corporate customers bank discount rate /b ŋk dskaυnt ret/ noun a rate charged by a bank for a loan where the interest charges are deducted when the loan is made bank draft / b ŋk drɑ ft/ noun an order by one bank telling another bank, usually in another country, to pay money to someone banker / b ŋkə/ noun 1.

2. a situation where the spot price of a commodity or currency is higher than the futures price 3. the difference between the spot and futures prices backward integration / b kwəd nt reʃ(ə)n/ noun a process of expansion in which a business which deals with the later stages in the production and sale of a product acquires a business that deals with an earlier stage in the same process, usually a supplier ć Buying up rubber plantations is part of the tyre company’s backward integration policy.

Property or money (but not freehold land), given to someone in a will ć He made several bequests to his staff. berhad noun a Malay word meaning ’private’, used to describe a limited company in Malaysia. Abbreviation Bhd. ) best-selling / best selŋ/ adjective which sells better than any other ć These computer disks are our best-selling line. bet /bet/ noun an amount deposited when you risk money on the result of a race or of a game í verb to risk money on the result of something ć He bet £100 on the result of the election.

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