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Beware of Cat: And Other Encounters of a Letter Carrier

One sunny day on his postal direction, Vincent Wyckoff crosses the trail of an aged gentleman whistling for his misplaced parakeet. The outdated guy is disenchanted, and Wyckoff strikes down the block slowly, having a look low and high, hoping to identify the little poultry. He reaches the man’s apartment and provides sympathy to his spouse, who smiles unfortunately and says, “We haven’t had that poultry for twenty-five years.

Scientific American (May 2002)

Journal is in very good . m105

Fine Wood Working. Checkered Bowls Winter

Woodworking-making checkered bowls and lots more and plenty extra.

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And by the 1960s, poster covers had given way almost entirely to the new kid on the block, colour photography. By the late 1960s, type was taking up more and more space, obscuring models with cover-lines shouting at the reader to check out the magazine’s contents. As technology and fonts developed, designers experimented with type. “In late 1972,” says Grow, “before discovering how to use the full strength of new fonts, Vogue even underlined some of its cover-lines in three different colours. ” Now, the only thing limiting what’s on the cover is the restraint, or lack of it, of the art director and editor.

Cover design (right) “Covers should promise some measure of revelation,” says IPC’s Andy Cowles. These IPC titles do that in different ways – big numbers promising lots of ideas, win a holiday and get a free London show guide, or simply a Christmas bumper issue: our biggest issue ever. “ WE DESIGNED IT VERY FAST advertising themselves – they were more idea-based than rule-based. Carlos looks back even further, to covers like those early issues of Vogue – art-driven,” says Leslie. In parallel with art and idea-driven covers however, magazines were experimenting with type.

How about one guy ram-rodding another up the ass with a look of pain on the quimby’s face? Guaranteed to make a straight guy – like me – vomit. Perfect for Mac/Maya user. Not good for a PC/3DS Max user. No, I am not homophobic. I am homonauseous. What you guys do doesn’t scare me, it just makes me sick to my stomach. I’m sick and tired of it. I quit. I’m not buying your trash anymore. I’m glad I never subscribed. David Leon d: This is quite possibly the funniest letter we’ve received in Digit’s six years.

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