Download Eaten Alive (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 1) by John Whitman PDF

Download Eaten Alive (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 1) by John Whitman PDF

By John Whitman

Thirteen-year-old Tash, her more youthful brother Zak, and their Uncle Hoole stopover at the planet D'vouran, the place they come upon the sluglike crime lord Smada the Hutt and experiences of individuals vanishing into skinny air.

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Zak, Tash, and Deevee stood on the ground. The monster seemed uninterested in Deevee. Tash was protected, and Zak was too, as long as he held her hand. Atop the hoversled sat the surviving Gank killer and Smada the Hutt. Smada's massive frame shook with anger. " The roar exploded out of Smada the Hutt like a thunderclap. The mighty Hutt rose up to his full height, balancing himself on the tip of his thick body. Stretched out, Smada stood three meters above the deck of his hoversled, dwarfing even his Gank guard.

But Zak was just as scared. The ground, the simple, solid ground they walked on every minute of every day, had suddenly become a monster. And the only thing protecting them was a tiny pendant hanging around Tash's neck. In the midst of all this terror, Smada the Hutt picked a speck of dirt from his fingernail. He had already forgotten about his henchmen. They could be replaced. His devious mind had already bent around the terror of his situation, and he moved on in search of ways to exploit it.

The strength of armies, of starfleets, even the strength of planets, is nothing compared to the power of the Force. Tash imagined the Force as a field of energy pushing the Enzeen back. At first she felt foolish. But slowly her embarrassment gave way to calm. She forgot about her fear. A warm tingle spread through her body. She imagined the energy field expanding, driving the shrieking creatures farther and farther away. As she did, the tingle in her body grew into a strong electric current, running from the top of her head down to her toes.

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