Download Economic growth with equity: Ukrainian perspectives, Parts by John R. Hansen, World Bank PDF

Download Economic growth with equity: Ukrainian perspectives, Parts by John R. Hansen, World Bank PDF

By John R. Hansen, World Bank

Seeing that Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, it has gone through huge, immense adjustments at the highway to reform. This file discusses the present guidelines, proposes a brand new framework for the regulations sooner or later, and makes suggestions for his or her implementation. It covers the next sectors: • Agrarian • schooling • strength • future health Care • financial • and exchange • Shadow economic system • Social safeguard

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Taking into account that imports are relatively expensive, this causes a decline in the output of processing enterprises. Graph 4. The absolute level of losses of enterprises of the public sector, million UAH Source: Ministry of Agriculture Graph 5. Number of loss-making enterprises in the public sector Source: State Statistics Committee Processing sector The raw material base has deteriorated and volume of processed agricultural products is steadily falling. For example, while production of sunflower was 18% higher in 1995-1998 than in 1991-1994, production of vegetable oil over this period was down 30%.

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