Download El Gran Libro de la Medicina China by Li Ping PDF

Download El Gran Libro de la Medicina China by Li Ping PDF

By Li Ping

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For years, sisters Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen were amassing and awesome domestic treatments. those variety from outdated remedies which have been handed down for hundreds of years (but forgotten by means of sleek medication) to tools lately exposed by means of medical professionals and clinical researchers. therapeutic treatments combines the simplest entries from the Wilens’ poultry Soup & different folks treatments books, plus an important volume of recent fabric, together with sections on diabetes, osteoporosis, upload, anxiousness, and children’s universal ailments–from colic and diaper rash to tantrums and teething. additionally, try out those different notable remedies:

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The second school proclaims that plant-based enzymes (fungal and bacterial) have the advantage. ANIMAL-SOURCED ENZYME THERAPY Animal-sourced enzymes have been studied since the late nineteenth century (see appendix D). There is great interest in this form of therapy, and particularly in the proteases pancreatin, trypsin, and chymotrypsin. Research has focused heavily on how these enzymes affect cancerous tumors. Cancer cells are surrounded by a protein that protects them by disguising them from the immune system.

In fact, when animal proteases were tested against plant-based proteases under the same conditions, the plant-based enzymes broke down between ten and one hundred times more protein per milligram than the animal-sourced enzymes, depending on the protein. ) It stands to reason that the higher the proteolytic activity, the more effective the product. For this reason, the number of tablets that some people using animal-sourced enzyme supplements have to consume per day to achieve the therapeutic effects ranges from thirty to ninety.

Where we end up depends on the path we have chosen. Every week you make hundreds of choices about your journey, and your choices affect your health. But the path you are currently on is probably convenient for you and brings you some measure of pleasure. The food, alcohol, snacks, TV, where you live . . the list goes on. Think of what you are about to learn as a parallel path: not one that takes you in a completely different direction, but rather a slight alteration to the path you have already chosen.

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