Download Essential Radio Journalism: How to produce and present radio by Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart PDF

Download Essential Radio Journalism: How to produce and present radio by Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart PDF

By Paul Chantler, Peter Stewart

'This units the traditional for each radio newsroom' - Andy Ivy, Editor, Sky information Radio

In an age of endless selection made attainable via new know-how, and a anxious movement clear of conventional reporting into vibrant remark and hypothesis via blogs and 'citizen journalists' there hasn't ever been a greater time to target natural journalism abilities.

Essential Radio Journalism is a enormously accomplished operating handbook for radio newshounds in addition to a textbook for broadcast journalism scholars. It includes useful recommendation for collecting, reporting, writing, modifying and providing, the inside track, along media legislations and ethics. there's a wealth of 'inside' details, checklists and on-the-job recommendation that you should instantly placed to exploit even if you're on your first task or have a number of years of expertise. it is a e-book to encourage accountable, actual and unprecedented journalism skills.

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I asked her what influence she had over who appeared on her show – the kind of issue often hotly contested in the West between producers and presenters. ’ Those who pay? ’ How much do they pay? ‘About a thousand US dollars. ’ A further indignity, she explained, was the role demanded of journalists like her during election periods by the powerful regional politicians who, along with business tycoons, had taken control of much of Russia’s political life in the post-Soviet period. Journalists are pressured to work for the election campaign teams where, inside a few weeks, they can earn as much as in the rest of the year.

Journalism British television is just as parochial as American television and certainly does not spare the BBC from his characterization of a mass media functioning as a willing tool of a propagandizing political establishment. In Pilger’s assessment, most journalists have become either puppets of tough proprietors like Rupert Murdoch or lazy and largely passive victims of public relations experts. They are pursuing a ‘hidden agenda’ – sometimes concealed even from journalists themselves. Nowhere is this more true, he would say, than in the reporting of war.

In 2002, as stock markets collapsed amid wave after wave of corporate scandal, it was by no means obvious that advanced capitalism’s model of lightly regulated big business was providing a convincing model for sustaining free news media. But the rhetoric of free market evangelists remains potent. Rupert Murdoch, whose global business has been built beneath its halo, has compared satellite television, in which he is a leading player, to the Magna Carta and the abolition of pre-publication censorship by the English Parliament in 1694.

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