Download Excursions: Grammar and Practice Book Level 2 by Margherita Cumino PDF

Download Excursions: Grammar and Practice Book Level 2 by Margherita Cumino PDF

By Margherita Cumino

A three-level direction for younger children in accordance with the primary of lively studying, with a robust appearance.

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Giñti 'to chase', Latv. dzit (first sing. Lith. genii, Latv. dzçnu) are found Lith. gainióti 'to drive away, to chase', Latv. g. Lith. raisyti 'to tie several times', Latv. raisit 'to untie': Lith. risti 'to tie', Latv. rist; Skardzius gives other Lithuanian examples, Arch. , V, 61). g. Lith. gelmë 'depth; deep place', Latv. dzelme: Lith. gilùs 'deep', Latv. dzifs: Lith. gyle 'deep place', Latv. dzïle ; Lith. sveriù '(I) weigh', Latv. sveju: Lith. s virits 'unsteady, irresolute', Latv. sviris, sviris 'a device for getting water from a well', Lith.

In Lithuanian they retain their voicing in Lithuania Minor according to Kurschat (see his grammar, § 175), but Senn in his Kleine lit. Sprachlehre, p. 8, says that voicing has disappeared in sentence final position in the literary language of Lithuania Major. b. The fate of tautosyllabic nasals 51. g. sansy 'goose' or semen 'seed'. g. zqsis 'goose', vqsas 'hook, angle', grqzyti 'to turn repeatedly; to bore', acc. sing, lángq 'window', sqjüdis 'commotion', Sqlù '(I) am cold', sqmonè 'consciousness', sqnaris 'joint', tçvas 'thin, slim', sprqsti 'to decide', grqzti 'to turn', acc.

Uss, Pr. (acc. ) äusins: Goth, ausò, OCS. uxo (nom. dual usi), Lat. auris. g. Lith. versis 'ox; calf': Latv. vèrsis 'ox', Pr. werstian 'calf'; Lith. áugstas 'high': Latv. aûgsts, Lat. , see Slblt. , 29ff. , XVI, 111. g. Lith. mäzgas 'knot', Latv. mazgs: OHG. masca 'mesh'. For st < tt and dt, and zd < dd and td see 80. 42. a) Lith. s and Latv. and Pr. s can also correspond (cf. 41b) to Slavic, Avestan and Arm. s, Skt. s, Gk. χ, Lat. g. Lith. sirdis 'heart', Latv. sirds, Pr. seyr: Russ. cepdife, Arm.

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