Download Eyewitness Accounts of the Thirty Years War 1618-48 by G. Mortimer PDF

Download Eyewitness Accounts of the Thirty Years War 1618-48 by G. Mortimer PDF

By G. Mortimer

The Thirty Years warfare - the 1st nice pan-European battle, and until eventually the 20 th century the main bad - ravaged Germany, yet fable, propaganda, and ancient controversy have obscured its precise nature. one other viewpoint is equipped by means of the non-public diaries, memoirs, and chronicles of squaddies and electorate who recorded their very own reviews. warfare on the person point is mentioned and defined utilizing those resources, that are greatly quoted of their personal phrases.

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After initially serving the king of Denmark this unit was engaged by Gustavus Adolphus for his invasion of Germany in 1630, forming part of the army under his own direct command until shortly before his death at Lützen. During this time Monro became personally acquainted with the king, observing and forming a very high opinion of his personality and methods of command. I. To the Reader, 2). Monro’s character emerges clearly between the lines of his narrative. II. 68). II. 75). Nevertheless he is capable of leavening his faith with more worldly matters, as when he describes his taste for ‘the good Calvinists beere at Serbest, … being the wholsomest for the body, and cleerest from all filth or barme, as their Religion is best for the soule, and cleerest from the dregs of superstition’ (Mo.

47). If pay, plunder and promotion were unreliable hopes rather than safe expectations, provision of food and accommodation was only a little better. In garrison the troops had sometimes to buy their own food, and at others they were billeted on hosts who had to provide for them. On the march there might be an issue of army bread, sutlers might have supplies for sale, or the troops might have to go foraging. Turner discusses rations with a healthy awareness of likely reality: The ordinary allowance for a Soldier in the field, is daily two pound of Bread, one pound of Flesh, or in lieu of it, one pound of Cheese, one pottle of Wine, or in lieu of it, two pottles of Beer.

II. 67) Military Perspectives 31 The fortunes of war sometimes intervened. II. 15). Fritsch escaped from a lost battle in 1638 while his accumulated wealth fell prey to the enemy troops, but despite such setbacks the war provided scope for professional soldiers to gain promotion from the ranks and to enrich themselves, among them Wallenstein’s principal murderer, Colonel Butler. 125). Making the best of a bad job he changed sides, and finding favour with his captor, the selfsame Butler, he was able to rebuild his career and finances: But I beeing come to this height got to bee by Count Butlers favour Sergeant Major of a Troop of 200 horse but I was to raise them at my owne charge … for I had then 3000 £ which I carried into the field with mee besides that I left at home with my Wife.

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