Download FileMaker Pro 14: The Missing Manual by Susan Prosser, Stuart Gripman PDF

Download FileMaker Pro 14: The Missing Manual by Susan Prosser, Stuart Gripman PDF

By Susan Prosser, Stuart Gripman

You don't want a technical heritage to construct strong databases with FileMaker professional 14. This crystal-clear, aim advisor exhibits you ways to create a database that allows you to do nearly whatever together with your information so that you can speedy in attaining your objectives. no matter if you're developing catalogs, handling stock and billing, or making plans a marriage, you'll the best way to customise your database to run on a computer, Mac, internet browser, or iOS device.

The very important things you have to know:
Dive into relational data: resolve difficulties speedy by way of connecting and mixing information from diverse tables.
Create specialist documents: post experiences, charts, invoices, catalogs, and different files with ease.
Access info anywhere: Use FileMaker pass in your iPad or iPhone—or proportion facts at the Web.
Harness processing power: Use new calculation and scripting instruments to crunch numbers, seek textual content, and automate tasks.
Run your database on a safe server: research the high-level beneficial properties of FileMaker professional Advanced.
Keep your information safe: Set privileges and make allowance information sharing with FileMaker's streamlined security measures.

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The slider is kind of a turbocharged version of the arrow buttons. Instead of clicking once for each record, you can advance through a bunch of records by dragging the slider. If you know approximately where you want to go (like “around halfway” or “about one-third from the end”), the slider is the quickest way to get there. The slider is most handy when you want to get to the beginning or the end of a database. In that case, just drag the slider as far as it will go in either direction. • The Current Record indicator (above the slider) serves two purposes.

Finding the right records can be a real balancing act. Be too specific and you may not find anything at all; be too vague and you find more than you can handle. When determining whether or not a given record matches your Find request, FileMaker may be more liberal than you’d expect. The next chapter explains how FileMaker decides when a match is good enough, and how you can change its decision-making process. Here are some rules of thumb for creating find requests: • Since FileMaker matches field values flexibly, you can often save typing and improve accuracy by being brief.

The Status toolbar gives you several tools that help you get where you need to go. NOTE As you go through this section on navigating, it helps to have a database open in front of you so you can follow along and try some of these techniques. fmp12. Navigating Record by Record In the People database, or indeed any FileMaker database, you can add as many records as you want. To tell FileMaker which record you want to look at, you have three options: • The arrow buttons let you flip from record to record one at a time.

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