Download First Aid Handbook by National Safety Council, Visit Amazon's Alton L. Thygerson PDF

Download First Aid Handbook by National Safety Council, Visit Amazon's Alton L. Thygerson PDF

By National Safety Council, Visit Amazon's Alton L. Thygerson Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Alton L. Thygerson,

A life-saving handbook outlining do's and dont's for almost all accidents and surprising health problems. complete colour and designed for simple use and quickly reference.

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Remove hand from notch and put it on top of hand on chest. 5. Interlace, hold, or extend fingers up. Do 15 compressions. FOR CHILD: Locate the tip of the breastbone. Lift your fingers off and put heel of the same hand on breastbone immediately above where index finger was Give chest compressions with 1 hand (nearest feet) while keeping other hand on child's forehead (adult requires 2 hands on victim's chest for compressions). Page 20 1. Place your shoulders directly over your hands on the chest.

Unconscious Adult with Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (Choking) If person is unconscious and 2 breaths have not gone in and after retilting the head 2 more breaths have not gone in: 1 Give up to 5 abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver). Straddle victim's thighs. Put heel of one hand against middle of victim's abdomen slightly above navel and well below sternum's notch (fingers of hand should point toward victim's head). Put other hand directly on top of first hand. Press inward and upward using both hands with up to five quick abdominal thrusts.

2 Send bystander, if available, to activate. If alone, resuscitate for one minute before activating the EMS system. 3 Give 2 slow breaths. Open the airway with head-tilt/chin-lift. Seal your mouth over infant's mouth and nose. Give 2 slow breaths (1 to 1 1/2 seconds each). If first 2 breaths do not go in, retilt the head and try 2 more slow breaths. Page 27 4 Give up to 5 back blows. Hold infant's head and neck with 1 hand by firmly holding infant's jaw between your thumb and fingers. Lay infant face down over your forearm with head lower than chest.

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