Download Fortress America: gated communities in the United States by Edward James Blakely, Mary Gail Snyder PDF

Download Fortress America: gated communities in the United States by Edward James Blakely, Mary Gail Snyder PDF

By Edward James Blakely, Mary Gail Snyder

It is a survey of gated groups within the US and their affects at the societies the place they're situated. The authors recommend rational, moderate rules for development higher groups with out erecting fortresses. The booklet additionally contains testimony from citizens of such groups.

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Not-So-Brave New World 144 8. Building Better Communities 161 Appendix 178 Notes 180 References 194 Index 203 Page 1 1 Forting Up THE SETTING of boundaries is always a political act. Boundaries determine membership: someone must be inside and someone outside. Boundaries also create and delineate space to facilitate the activities and purposes of political, economic, and social life. Using physical space to create social place is a long and deep American tradition. Gated communities, one of the more dramatic forms of residential boundaries, have been springing up around the country since the early 1980s.

Using housing and growth regulations, the new jurisdictions can pass regulatory ordinances that restrict new entrants. And they can direct publicly collected taxes to locally specific goals rather than allowing them to be used over a larger area. In California, where it is not difficult to create a new city on unincorporated county land, most of the new secessionary cities follow the Lakewood contract city model. Under the Lakewood scheme, the newly incorporated city contracts with the county government or other municipalities for traditional government services like police, fire, sewer, and water.

Gated communities are not merely another form of residential settlement. They are part of a deeper social transformation. In many respects, the gates are a metaphor for the social processes at work in the nation's political and social landscape. As with many social issuesimmigration, affirmative action, abortionthe debate over gating will not be settled by a book, an article, or piles of data. This book reflects on the broad issues that gating represents. It sharpens the focus on complex issues: private versus public rights and responsibilities, and the practice of community.

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