Download Journalism for Women, a Practical Guide (1898) by E.A. Bennett PDF

Download Journalism for Women, a Practical Guide (1898) by E.A. Bennett PDF

By E.A. Bennett

Ever ask yourself why ladies are such bad newshounds? Or the way you may well eventually gather just a little literary flavor, you tedious plebian? E.A. Bennett has a specific thing or to inform you in his (unintentionally hilarious) 1898 ebook. So, why is the little lady so hopeless within the great undesirable international of male-dominated journalism? good, in response to Mr Bennett: the feminine intercourse is susceptible to be misguided and careless of it sounds as if trivial aspect, simply because that's the basic tendency of mankind. In males destined for a enterprise or a occupation, the proclivity is harshly discouraged at an early level. In girls, who will not be destined for something no matter what, it enjoys a merry life."** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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