Download Lebe jetzt in den Segnungen des Himmels by Gloria Copeland PDF

Download Lebe jetzt in den Segnungen des Himmels by Gloria Copeland PDF

By Gloria Copeland

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The Amplified Bible says it this way, “My kingdom is not from here (this world); [it has no such origin or source]” (John 18:36). Jesus’ whole ministry was one of preaching and demonstrating the kingdom of God. ” Jesus was saying, “You don’t have to wait anymore. The dominion of God, His kingdom, is here right now! You can come in. God’s power is here to break into this natural world to heal, deliver and set you free! So change your mind. Quit thinking like you used to think. ” Luke 4 spells that message out even more clearly.

He demonstrated it. He operated in the dominion of God by taking authority over the evil spirits that had people bound, by laying hands on the sick and driving the sickness out of their bodies. Read through the Gospels and see for yourself. Time after time, Jesus exercised the dominion of the kingdom of God. He came to Peter’s house, found Peter’s mother-in-law sick, laid His hands on her and healed her. The leper came to Him for healing and Jesus said, “Be thou clean,” and immediately the leprosy was cleansed.

All you have to do is find out what God says and act on it. When you do, blessings—heavenly breakthroughs—will begin to happen. So I want to encourage you to start today investing more of yourself—your time, thought and energy—into seeking the kingdom of God. Determine in your heart to change some areas in your life. Dig into the Word more deeply and find out what God says about those areas. Then start acting like He does instead of like the world. Heighten your awareness of the kingdom of God.

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