Download [Magazine] PC World. Special Bonus Collection. Vol. 6: Power PDF

Download [Magazine] PC World. Special Bonus Collection. Vol. 6: Power PDF

Read or Download [Magazine] PC World. Special Bonus Collection. Vol. 6: Power Guide to The Trouble-Free PC PDF

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We'll bring together some of the techniques we've already covered, in addition to a couple of new ones, and we'll create a script file that will be run every time the shell is started. 41 42 Moving in As it installs, MSH targets the typical user, creating aliases and running other tasks that are applicable to just about anyone. However, everyone has his own habits when it comes to a command shell, and the out-of-box configuration is, by definition, very generic. It's hard to say exactly what customizations to make given their personal nature.

Can you apply this behavior across all cmdlets? Yes. The $WhatIfPreference and $ConfirmPreference variables can be used to change the default settings of the -WhatIf and -Confirm options for those cmdlets that support them. Are there any other ubiquitous parameters? MSH cmdlets often support a number of other parameters that all serve different purposes. The -? option is available universally and is equivalent to invoking get-help on the cmdlet name. 6. What's Next? Now that you're settled in and comfortable in these new surroundings, it's time to take a look at some more MSH features, including variables, functions, and language constructs such as conditional tests and loops.

1. NETtwo programming languages that rely on the infrastructure they provideit's not just for developers. NET applications and tools. NET programming languages generate managed code, which is a set of instructions understood by the CLR. When it comes time to run the managed code, the CLR converts it into native executable instructions (suitable for the architecture of the machine) and actually runs it. This whole process is largely transparent to both the developer and the end user. To 46 47 complement the runtime, there is a broad Class Library that contains all kinds of useful functions and data types.

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