Download Mixed Media: Moral Distinctions in Journalism, Advertising, by Tom Bivins PDF

Download Mixed Media: Moral Distinctions in Journalism, Advertising, by Tom Bivins PDF

By Tom Bivins

This paintings used to be written with 3 mass media industries in brain - the inside track media (journalism), advertisements, and public kin. it truly is designed to indicate the variations that exist between those 3 practices. It goals for particular guidance that may be constructed during which they are often analyzed.

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Linkages for advertising and public relations. It is important to remember that those linkages that have effects on the organization are least likely to be owed a moral obligation, simply because they generally control the relationship. Those on whom the organization has effects, on the other hand, are most likely to incur the organization’s ethical obligation. THE IMPORTANCE OF CONSEQUENCES Some duty-based ethicists, notably Immanuel Kant (whom we discuss more fully in chap. 4), suggest that consequences be ignored when determining which action is the right one to take.

To what degree should journalists be interested in the overall picture they are investigating and not just in the story they are hoping to write? Do you think that backgrounding would have helped Newsweek better understand Boorda’s frame of mind? 15 15 Newsweek, May 27, 1996 v127 n22 p24(6). 16 17 Jonathan Alter, “Beneath the Waves,” Newsweek, 17 May 27, 1996, v127, n22, p30. 16 26 CHAPTER 1 4. If you had been an editor at Newsweek prior to this incident, would you have handled this investigation any differently?

The key is to remember that we are tied to our stakeholders by more than just economic or political linkages. We are tied to them socially, and social links imply obligation. We must always ask not only to whom we are linked, but also in what way we are linked, observing both functional and ethical ties. We may, after determining our obligations, ignore them. But we cannot avoid the likelihood that others recognize these same obligations and are very likely to hold us accountable when we do not honor them.

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