Download Polish:An Essential Grammar by Dana Bielec PDF

Download Polish:An Essential Grammar by Dana Bielec PDF

By Dana Bielec

Polish: a necessary Grammar is an obtainable, up to date Polish Grammar for English speakers.

Organised in ten sections, this publication presents in-depth assurance of all grammar components. Refreshingly jargon-free, it explains genders, noun forms, circumstances and case necessities of prepositions supplemented with actual examples.


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Polish:An Essential Grammar

Polish: a necessary Grammar is an available, updated Polish Grammar for English audio system. Organised in ten sections, this e-book offers in-depth insurance of all grammar components. Refreshingly jargon-free, it explains genders, noun kinds, instances and case necessities of prepositions supplemented with real examples.

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Einführen introduce Der Betriebsleiter führt den neuen Kollegen in die Firma ein. The supervisor introduces the new colleague to the company. Einführung(-en) f. introduction Der Professor hat die Einführung zum Buch geschrieben. The professor wrote the introduction to the book. eingebildet arrogant Florian ist sehr eingebildet und nicht nett zu seinen Freunden. Florian is very arrogant and not nice to his friends. Einheit(-en) f. unit Wir lesen zwei Einheiten des Textbuches. We are reading two units of the textbook.

Volume Dieses Lexikon hat 15 Bände. This encyclopedia has fifteen volumes. Band(Bänder) n. ribbon Ich binde das Paket mit einem Band zu. I tie the package with a ribbon. Band(-s) f. musical band Die Band ist sehr beliebt bei Jugendlichen. The band is very popular with teenagers. Bank(Bänke) f. bench Im Park setze ich mich gerne auf eine Bank. I like to sit on a bench in the park. Bankomat(-en) m. automatic teller machine (ATM) Am Bankomat kann man Bargeld beheben. You can withdraw cash from the ATM.

When he travels, he often thinks of his family at home. Denkmal(-mäler) n. monument, memorial Neben dem Brandenburger Tor in Berlin befindet sich das Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden in Europa. The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is located next to the Bradenburg Gate in Berlin. denn because Wir bleiben zu Hause, denn das Wetter ist nicht gut genug, um zu wandern. We are staying at home because the weather isn’t good enough to go hiking. Deo(-s) n. deodorant Deos bekommt man in Deutschland in jeder Drogerie.

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