Download The Washington, DC Media Corps in the 21st Century: The by Lea Hellmueller (auth.) PDF

Download The Washington, DC Media Corps in the 21st Century: The by Lea Hellmueller (auth.) PDF

By Lea Hellmueller (auth.)

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The number of foreign Washington correspondents was about 1,500. 14 percent for US correspondents. The percentage of the population of each group provided the sampling size of each group. From each news organization, people listed in the directory as political correspondents were selected first. If that label did not apply to anyone working for a particular news organization, then reporters or news reporters were chosen. All names of correspondents listed in the 2010 edition of Hudson’s Washington News Media Contacts Directory (Mars, 2009) were compiled into an Excel file before the exact sample size was defined.

However, to understand how multiculturalism may become a professional practice, an empirical study on journalism culture—and more specifically, on how journalists select sources—in a multicultural environment provides the fuel to move beyond a normative discussion. , the performative element of journalism culture). Thus, the concept of credibility is explained to set the framework for the empirical results that follow. Credibility Research Credibility is often used interchangeably with other constructs, particularly with the construct of trust.

US correspondents Foreign Washington correspondents seem to rate US politicians as slightly less credible than their US counterparts do, particularly on the trustworthiness and goodwill dimensions, but no significant differences were revealed between the two groups in how they assess the credibility of politicians in Washington, DC. , US citizens). 7 Theoretical and Operational Definition of the Homophily Construct Construct Variable Theoretical Definition Operational Definition Homophily Similarity that a receiver perceives as existing between himself and an information source.

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