Download These Savage Futurians by Philip E. High PDF

Download These Savage Futurians by Philip E. High PDF

By Philip E. High

Don't imagine new recommendations, do not increase whatever, do not wander over the following hill: those have been the commandments for the lads and girls of the experimental village - a type of cautious nurtured settlements demonstrated after the cave in of global civilization.

The ideas have been made through the benevolent Masters of the Island - they usually needed to be obeyed. To disobey was once to be destroyed. yet Robert Ventnor, villager with a dangerously excessive quotient of interest, used to be the exception. He fled - and refrained from liquidation.

But he fled correct into the arms of those SAVAGE FUTURIANS and thereby provided the main that can blast aside civilization's moment likelihood and wreck the realm as soon as and for all.

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He followed it downwards, frightened, often stumbling but now determined to go on. As he descended, the resemblance to an orderly city slowly faded. There were only low walls and moss-covered foundations. The streets were choked with weeds, stunted trees and a bewildering tangle of ivy. Despite the bright sunshine, the city conveyed a frightening sense of desolation and despair. Here, he thought uneasily, invisible monsters might dwell unchallenged. As he reached level ground a solitary brown bird flew out of the tangle ahead of him so suddenly he raised his club in self defense.

Metal's tough but brittle, needs a sharp hard knock. " "But I was told never to-" "You're out now, got to lose it, see? " He found a heavy stone and weighed it in his hand. " There was a tinkling sound and Ventnor watched the disc and chain fall to the ground with something akin to superstitious terror. " Herman tugged at his arm. "You're safe now. " They followed what had clearly been a road. It went up and down, over low hills and down into small valleys. Finally it began to ascend steadily. Later, far behind them, when the afternoon sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon, an identity disc suddenly flickered, turned white and puffed upwards in a sheet of flame.

Then he turned slowly and walked shakily but steadily in the opposite direction. On the outskirts of Gret the Padre dispatched a message: Subject: Ventnor, Robert. Classification 225/9/446. Characteristic alteration in the identity disc of this specimen indicates increasing G-positive. " Unfortunately, however, specimen escaped by flight beyond the boundaries. B. E. Sector D- The message was received and passed through various departments before it ended up in the right office but on the wrong desk.

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